Sartorial Anarchy #8

Sartorial Anarchy #08
Sartorial Anarchy #8, 2013
Pigment on Satin Paper
48.13 x 40.05 in /122.2 x 101.7 cm

HAT: Customized Turkish classic Fez with royal-blue tassel, 2009
HAIR: Canary-yellow dyed hair, 2012
SHIRT: Contemporary shirt, 2011, Italy
TIE: Black bowtie (untied) circa 1950s, France
GOWN: Nigerian men’s gown with embroidered motifs, 1930s
TRO– USER: Scottish tartan trousers, classic, 1950s
SHOES: Classic velvet slippers with embroidered skull insignia
2001, England, United Kingdom
BICYCLE: Vintage Schwinn bicycle circa 1954, United States
SCARF: Men’s silk scarf with fringe, United States, 1940s
CUFFLINKS: Tourmaline Cabochon cufflinks in 9ct yellow gold, 2007 England, United Kingdom
CHAIR: Antique chair, origin and date unknown
CARPET: Antique Shiraz rug, Persia/Iran, 1900s