Sartorial Anarchy #7

Sartorial Anarchy #07
Sartorial Anarchy #7, 2013
Pigment on Satin Paper
54 x 36.11 in / 137.2 x 91.72 cm

HAIRSTYLE: Medussa/American Afro and West African inspired hairstyle
FLUTE: Indonesian flute, contemporary
HAT: Antique Top Hat, 1900s,United States and Desert hat Pin in ceramic with silver wire
wrapping, vintage, circa 1930s
SHIRT: Contemporary/classic plaid shirt, 2005
NECKWEAR: Wool, red/black, green, blue plaid tie, Scotland, 1930s
JACKET: Contemporary plaid/ jacket, 2012 and a molded-glass-green cameo-stick pin, early 1900s, England
SHORTS: Contemporary plaid shorts, 2011; belt and wool pom-pom, 2012
SOCKS: Italian football/soccer socks, 1990s
SHOES: White Golf-style shoes, Italy, contemporary/classic1998
SHOE HORN: Antique bone/wood shoe-horn, late 1890s
VIOLIN: Violin (contemporary reproduction, circa 1990s)
CHAIR: Empire style-French-chair 1800/1815 (reproduction)
CARPET: Antique carpet, origin and date unknown