Sartorial Anarchy #6

Sartorial Anarchy #06
Sartorial Anarchy #6, 2013
Pigment on Satin Paper
54 x 36.11 in / 137.2 x 91.72 cm

HAT: Boater (contemporary/classic) with rose flower, 2005
FAN: Oversized Chinese fan, (contemporary/classic), 2007
SUIT: Seersucker suit, (contemporary/classic), 20th century
NECKWEAR: Black continental bow-tie, circa1950s, circa1950s
SHIRT: Contemporary shirt, 2012
FABRIC: Early 20th century Ashanti/Ghana fabric, worn in the manner of the Ashanti Royal court
SHOES: Contemporary shoes, 2012
CANE: Leaf pattern English antique silver-finished walking stick, c.19th century
CARPET: Antique Tabriz rug, early 20th century, Persia/Iran