Sartorial Anarchy #5

Sartorial Anarchy #05
Sartorial Anarchy #5, 2013
Pigment on Satin Paper
54 x 36.11 in / 137.2 x 91.72 cm

HAT: Miniature fedora, 1920s
WIG: Macaroni wig, England 1850s
CANE: Zulu (South Africa) fighting stick, 1950s
JACKET: Norfolk jacket 1859/1860 to present
BROOCH: Miniature blue/silver vintage brooch of Philadelphia policeman, circa 1940s
SHIRT: French-cuff, two-tone white & blue collar shirt, 2009
SPATS: Canvas boot spats, WWI, 1900s
SHOES: Dress shoes, 1970s
TRO– USERS: Yoruba, Nigeria, 1940s
CHAIR: Antique chair, origin unknown
FLOWER: Gladiolus
TABLE: Vintage side-table, origin unknown
CARPET: Antique Blue Gabbeh rug, circa 1900s/1930s, Persian/Iran