Sartorial Anarchy #31

Sartorial Anarchy #31
Sartorial Anarchy #31, 2013
Pigment on Satin Paper
45.7 x 36.5 in / 116.1 x 92.71 cm

HAIR STYLE: Pharaoh Ramses II
hairstyle, 1279-1213 BC
STOOL: Vintage Bar-stool, United
States, circa 1960s/70s
STATUE: Ancient Egypt, the Head
of a Statue of Amenhotep III
(1388-1348 BC) Re-Carved for Ramses II
BOWTIE: Made from vintage
seersucker, American, 2013
LAPEL PIN: Vintage green lacquered
millinery fruit bunch, made in Japan,
circa 1960s-1980s
SHIRT: French, 2011
JACKET: Velvet jacket, England, 1970s
TRO– USERS: Yoruba, Nigeria,
SOCKS: France, 2004
SHOES: Vintage men’s black and
white Saddle shoe, Golf shoes,
circa 1950s/1990s, United States
MUSIC INSTRUMENT: Bass Cornnamuse,
Rennaissance/16th century;
reproduction, Gunter Korber, Berlin,
stamped Gunter Korber, 1990s
VASE: Royal Crown Derby Enameled
vase, 1891-1921, England
FURNITURE: 19th century Louis XV
Bronze Mounted Kindwood
Commode, France