Sartorial Anarchy #30

Sartorial Anarchy #30
Sartorial Anarchy #30, 2013
Pigment on Satin Paper
45.7 x 36.5 in / 116.1 x 92.71 cm

HEAD-PIECE: Turkish, Ottoman era to
present; reproduction, 2011
2nd HEAD PIECE: A skullcap, 1501,
worn underneath Turkish hat;
a reproduction after the Portrait of Doge
Leonardo Loredan by Giovanni Bellini
SHIRT: France, 2011
BOUTONNIERE: American made, circa
NECKWEAR; 17th/18th century men’s
neckwear, France
CAGE: Vintage copper metal small dome
bird cage with artificial flowers, 1960s
JACKET: American, 1936; worn in
College Holiday starring George Burns,
Grace Allen and Bing Crosby
ARM-BAND: Soviet Military band for
Commander, 1940s-1990s
SHOES: 17th century men’s shoes,
French, reproduction
SOCKS: France 2007
FURNITURE: Rosewood Regency Tea
Caddy with brass overlay in sarcophagus
form with velvet-lined locking lid,
19th century, England/Britain
BOTTLE: 19th century Japanese
Satsuma earthenware stoppered
bottle with carnation flower
SERVERED HAND: A prop, done in
plaster, United States, 2013
CHAIR: Vintage/Antique, origin/date unknown
CARPET: Transitional Tibetan Rug,
date unknown