Sartorial Anarchy #29

Sartorial Anarchy #29
Sartorial Anarchy #29, 2013
Pigment on Satin Paper
45.7 x 36.5 in / 116.1 x 92.71 cm

HEAD-PIECE: Native American Indian Chief Headdress/Leather Bonnet, reproduction, 2012
JACKET: United States’ Marine jacket with 2007 series East Chinese Sea PLA Navy Fleet Patch
SASH: Royal Sash, Britain, reproduction 2012
WRISTBAND/CUFF: Spiky Leather Gothic/Punk men’s wristband/cuff, 1970s to present
CUMMERBAND: Indian Army cummerbund, date unknown
BREECHES: Paned slops/breeches, Renaissance/16th century, reproduction
CANE: 19th/20th century walking cane
SOCKS: English football/soccer socks, 1970s
SHOES: British made, 1990s
EWER: Pink ground gilt and enamel Decorated Royal Crown Ewer, England, 1877-90
MUSIC INSTRUMENT: Bass Cornnamuse, Rennaissance/16th century;
reproduction, Gunter Korber, Berlin, stamped Gunter Korber, 1990s (exact origin unknown)
STRING INSTRUMENT: Pandurina, attributed to Marinus de Magistro, circa 1620
MEDALS: Uganda Police’s Africa Police Meritorious Service Medal Group, 1935
(Awarded to 1st Class Sergeant Asmani Temteo, Uganda Police)
CARPET: Contemporary American rug, circa 1990/2000s