Sartorial Anarchy #28

Sartorial Anarchy #28
Sartorial Anarchy #28, 2013
Pigment on Satin Paper
45.7 x 36.5 in / 116.1 x 92.71 cm

TURBAN: Sikh turban, India, 15th century (1400s to present)
SHIRT: Contemporary/classic, 2013
ARMOR: Reproduction, single leather basic rounded Spaulder armor, 13th-15th century
SWEATER: 1940s Stadium Shaker Wool School Letterman Varsity sweater, 1940s
TIE: Madras plaid necktie, 1960s
KILT: Fustanella, Greece, 1868 to present/2013 (Worn by the Greek Palace Guard,
Fustanella kilt is made from 30 metres/98 feet of white material, with 400 pleats,
representing the 400 years of Turkish occupation)
BIRD/PERCH: Bird, Woodpecker; Bird Perch Gym Stand, 2013
DECANTER: Rockwell Silver Deposit Black Glass Decanter, Woodland scene,
early 20th century/1900s, United States
MEDAL: Steam-punk military medal, date, unknown; United States
GARTERS: Sock garters, 1940s, Britain/United Kingdom
SOCKS: 2012, United States
SHOES: 1960s, United States
CHARGER: Edo period, Japanese Imari Charger with Cranes, 1603-1868
CARPET: Antique Bidjar Kurdish-Persian carpet, date unknown