Sartorial Anarchy #26

Sartorial Anarchy #26
Sartorial Anarchy #26, 2013
Pigment on Satin Paper
45.7 x 36.5 in / 116.1 x 92.71 cm

COAT: Gray Loden wool men’s jacket, Austria, Winter Hunting riding sport jacket, 1842 to present
BOOTS: Vintage red brown leather tall custom lace-up riding Rocketeer style boots, 1950s-70s
TRO– USERS: Men’s Riding Jodhpurs/Men’s Horse Riding Breeches, Anglo-Indian, circa 1920s-30s
SHIRT/TIE: Shirt and tie pair, British, 1990s
HAIR PIECE: Ibo Nigerian head/hair piece, circa 1800/1900s
NET: Butterfly net, United States, 2013
PIN: Vintage Millinery fruit cherries, 2012, United States