Sartorial Anarchy #15

Sartorial Anarchy #15
Sartorial Anarchy #15, 2013
Pigment on Satin Paper
54 x 36.11 in / 137.2 x 91.72 cm

TURBAN: Blue taffeta turban in the
classic Arab-Egyptian style
TIE: Vintage tie, circa 1970s
SHIRT: Classic French cuff shirt and blue-gold cufflinks, 1999
OUTERWEAR: 19th century Chinese men’s floral gown
TRO– USERS: Golf trousers, England, 1970s
SOCKS: United States, 2009
SHOES: Classic/contemporary Arabian shoes, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2012
TABLE: Antique table, origin unknown, circa 1900s
TABLE ITEMS: Classic/contemporary blue Hookah, Dubai/United Arab Emirates, 2012
Alpaca hounds-tooth shawl, United States, 2010
Antique long-necked emerald vase, date and origin unknown Bohemian ruby red and gold enamel vase
Vintage blue Wyeth eye wash-cup, United States, circa 1917
CARPET: Transitional oriental rug, vintage, circa 1950s